Feb 2nd, 2014

Category: News


Happy 1st Birthday Bad Ass!!! It gives us great honor to announce that we have officially been in business for one year!!! We want to share that joy with all of you who have supported us since day one, and all of you who are supporting us now.  Bad Ass Academy started as an idea and has turned into a dream.  We are truly grateful to everyone who has helped make what Bad Ass Academy is today!!!


To our members– Watching the sweat drip off of your foreheads and seeing that look of determination in your eyes during our classes is something to really be proud of.  Noticing the changes in both your bodies and your attitudes over the past year is truly amazing.  We couldn’t be more honored to train you and call you our clients.

To our instructors and staff– You are all truly amazing in your own ways.  The long hours, hard work, and dedication shows exactly how Bad Ass you are!  Trainers, you have been chosen because you are the best.  Your leadership qualities and amazing attributes are what we want people to think of when they hear the words Bad Ass!

We often hear from our supporters that Bad Ass Academy has helped to change their lives, but what we want the world to know is that it is all of you that has helped change our lives, for the better.

Thank you everyone for your support, hard work & dedication.  We look forward to only bigger and better things in years to come.

Bad Ass Academy

Anthony, Jerry, & Jose